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Hello, I am Pawel Skroban

I'm a web applications developer living in PoznaƄ, Poland. Currently I work as a software developer.
I like to take initiatives for new interesting ways of development and techniques.

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Internet is the first place where people can find informations about you or your company.
If you want to be visible, you need a modern website which will be available on all devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones.


If you are looking for advice
or you just need some answers about internet technologies,
let me know. I will try to solve your problems.

Web Applications

Modern browsers allow to create online applications, which can do much more than just simple website. I can help you to create an app you need.

Rocket Science

If you need a dedicated online system but you don't have any idea how it should work or look like, I will find the best fitted solution for your business.

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Frontend Stack

javascript logo es6 logo react logo redux logo react-native logo flux logo html5 logo css3 logo coffeescript logo jquery logo sass logo less logo backbone logo marionette logo handlebars logo gulp logo requirejs logo

Backend Stack

php logo symfony logo apache logo nodejs logo mysql logo mongo logo
... and others.

Keep in Touch with me

If you are interested to know more about my work or you want to co-operate with me, don't hesitate and send me a message. Even though you just want to say hello.

Pawel Skroban
Poznan, Poland